Online French tuition with a native speaker - personalised lessons for all levels

With 25 years of teaching experience, I've helped hundreds of people gain confidence to learn French.

Valerie Jones French Tutor


Friendly support

Learning a language can be daunting and I will be there to help you every step of the way.

Expert guidance

I understand the struggles of learning French and where most people go wrong. I keep you on track and make sure you progress properly at your own pace.

Personalised lessons

Each lesson is tailored specifically for you and is designed to give you the tools to enable you to speak with confidence.

Skype Lessons

✓ Very flexible timing, held over Skype or Zoom meeting.

✓ Typically lasts an hour with the option of doing 45 minute sessions.

✓ Pay as you go pricing - you'll only pay for the lessons that you take with me.

In person lessons

✓ In a quiet & comfortable environment in the countryside.

✓ Typically lasts an hour with the option of doing 45 minute sessions.

✓ Pay as you go pricing - you'll only pay for the lessons that you take with me.

Whatsapp support

✓ Between lessons you'll be able to practive what you've learnt by sending me messages.

✓ Your messages will be sent back to you corrected.

✓ This service is free and is part of your tuition fee.

About my lessons

Join countless other students that I've helped and improve your French.

✓ A friendly and supportive way of learning French.

✓ Competitive pricing.

✓ Flexible, if you need to cancel we'll try to reschedule.

✓ Pay as you go pricing with no minimum booking.

✓ Available online over Skype or Zoom.

What some of my students had to say


£30 / hour

What my lessons offer

Flexible timings

Competitive pricing

Expert 1:1 teaching

All levels welcome

✓ Pay as you go

✓ Available over Zoom / Skype / In person

Got questions?

If you've got a more specific question you can send me a message directly using the contact form.

Can I do less or more than an hour?


Yes of course, you can choose to do a shorter 45 minute session for £23 or a longer hour and a quarter session for £37.

How many lessons will I need?


It is possible to cover a lot in a 1:1 session so I usually recommend one lesson a week. You can book more lessons if you have a specific deadline that you're working towards

I've found learning French daunting and I'm worried that I won't be able to do it.


A lot of people who come to me have had unsuccessful previous experiences learning French. It is my job to make the lessons enjoyable for you and to help you progress at your own pace... you're not alone in feeling this and I hope you'll read some of the testimonials from my other students.

Am I too old to start learning French?


I've had students from age 5 to in their 80's... learning a language is a wonderful exercise for the brain and you're never too old to start.

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